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BullGuard Antivirus: A Real-Time Protection

BullGuard Antivirus is specifically designed for providing strong and powerful layered protection against all malware like phishing attempts and Trojans that are created to steal your banking details and personal data. This antivirus won the popular Gold Malware Protection Award from the AV-Comparatives. Unlike other security software, it is designed not to slow you down. Whatever the wok you are doing online, your device will be clean, fast and malware-free. This antivirus is easy to use and known for its tough nature on malware.

This antivirus program provides 100% protection to the system. The innovative technology ensures that the users have excellent multi-layered protection against virus, ransomware, malware and all online threats.

How to download and install BullGuard Antivirus?

• To download Bullguard antivirus protection, first, open a trusted Web Browser
• Then, open Bullguard office website www.bullguard.com to download BullGuard antivirus.
• Double click on the downloaded file to open the file for Bullguard installation
• Follow the on-screen steps to install it on your PC and then click on Finish
• After that, open BullGuard Antivirus and enter the license key that you will receive after purchasing it
• If you don’t have license key then you can continue with the BullGuard 30 days trial version

BullGuard Premium Protection: The complete security

BullGuard Premium Protection offers the most advanced and complete protection to the devices. This version of BullGuard comes with comprehensive and user-friendly security suite to protect you against identity theft, Malware, Online data leaks and helps to keep your children safe on the social network. It comes with Next-Gen Anti-Malware feature that completely protects against spyware, malware, phishing, and ransomware. It is integrated with Game Booster that optimizes the performance of CPU to ensure smooth gaming performance. This version has an excellent home network scanner that examines your complete network and every device on it. The identity protection will protect you from financial fraud and identity theft.

Why Customers needs BullGuard Support?

Apart from its excellent features, BullGuard antivirus sometimes may create trouble that gets you stuck. The error might be related to an installation failure, update failure, activation failure or stopped scanning. To resolve these issues you need to have technical knowledge which is not possible. In that case, you need to contact the technical experts who help you to figure out the problems. For that, just call on BullGuard Support UK. The technical experts are available 24x7 to resolve the issue in the shortest time frame. All the issues can be resolved with just a call. Not only this, but all types of BullGuard error codes can also be fixed under the proper guidance of technical experts. You can contact the technical team via Livechat, Message as well as call.

BullGuard Antivirus that makes it ideal for complete protection

Bullguard Next-generation Anti-malware

The next-generation anti-malware feature provides you sharp triple layer protection. First, it identifies the trusted sites and applications. And then, it scans code for signatures automatically and irregularity related to the malware. And the third, if any malware is detected then it is locked down, neutralized and quarantines before any infection can take place.

Bullguard Home Network Scanner

Home Network Scanner proactively evaluates your complete network and every device on it 24x7. It includes baby monitors, thermostats, speakers and all connected devices. Even better, when the latest device connects then it automatically executes a deep scan and status check. It is another way that ensures smart homes stay safe homes.

Bullguard Firewall

Bullguard comes with a firewall that provides you added layers of powerful protection against intruders and malware. It is fully optimized for windows 10 and tracks security updates. It also uses less CPU power to ensure that the applications run safely and smoothly. It is efficient in blocking unauthorized attempts to connect a device to the internet.

Bullguard Game Booster

BullGuard’s patent-pending Game Booster optimizes all user processes running on a PC and provides excellent results even with the systems running a heavy load. Other irritating interruptions and pop-ups are blocked to make sure that you will enjoy visibly smoother and fast gaming without any lag. With this feature, you don’t need to sacrifice security for performance.