How To Stop BullGuard Quarantine?

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BullGuard Antivirus is a user-friendly product that comes with real-time protection, performance booster for the game & demanding full-screen applications and surprisingly malicious URL filtering. This security software also provides complete protection to your device from online threats and allows you to conduct online transaction and shopping securely. Apart from this, this security software is known for BullGuard Quarantine. It is a vault where the infected files are sent automatically or on access and sometimes on-demand scans. Sometimes, it also sends the files which are requested by you when you are not sure that the infected file is a ‘false positive’. This software sometimes creates glitches, for that just call at BullGuard UK for proper guidance.

Before moving ahead on the topic, let’s talk about how to reach the BullGuard Quarantine:

To reach the Quarantine, first, click o the drop-down button from the antivirus window and then select Quarantine from the list.

The BullGuard Quarantine removes some files. Let’s talk those files which end up in the Quarantine:

  • Those infected files which are found by the On-Demand Scan that it was unable to disinfect
  • Infected files that are found by the On-Access Scan
  • ‘False positive’ detection cases in unusual cases when BullGuard mistakes genuine files for the viruses
  • It is also effective in removing the Suspicious files for which BullGuard has no virus definitions at the scanning moment

However, it sometimes creates glitches by removing genuine files. In that case, removing or disabling it becomes more important.

Here we are providing an exact solution to stop Bullguard Quarantine:

  • To stop the Quarantine, you have to open the BullGuard and then go to the settings that appear from the top right
  • After that, select ‘advanced’ and then from the appeared menu click on ‘Antivirus’
  • Then, turn the protection off
  • After that, go to the quarantine and from there get the file recovered
  • Now, go back to the settings that appear under antivirus
  • Then, do a checkmark against ‘skip files/folders
  • Then, click on files/folders and click on the ‘+’ icon
  • From the opened window, you can add the file that is to be skipped
  • After that, turn on the BullGuard Protection

Through this process, you can easily turn BullGuard Quarantine and get a hassle-free and trouble-free experience of BullGuard Antivirus. Don’t worry, even after you turn it off, the BullGuard antivirus will work effectively on your system. But sometimes, you might face some trouble while disabling it. In that case, it is advisable to get connected with the experts at BullGuard Support Number. The experts will help you to resolve the problem in the shortest time.

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